Bar Secrets® – The Full Program


When a student takes Legal Synthesis I and II, plus Bar Secrets®, the student is attending the “Full Program.” Bar Secrets®, the post-J.D. program, has been designed and created by Drs. Saccuzzo and Johnson. Drs. Dennis Saccuzzo and Nancy Johnson have provided TJSL’s post-JD bar preparation course since 2006. Bar Secrets® differs from other commercial bar preparation programs in that basic review of all the substantive law tested on the California bar exam has already taken place in Legal Synthesis I and II. Bar Secrets thus focuses right from the start on helping students to apply, integrate, and memorize the legal rules they’ve already reviewed during their final semester of law school. A hallmark of the program is extensive, individualized written feedback.


Students can find additional information on the Bar Secrets program directly at