Legal Synthesis I and II


Legal Synthesis I and II are a set of courses taken by students in the last semester of law school. Legal Synthesis I and II summarize and integrate key concepts in twelve areas of law to facilitate framework creation for the legal analysis required to take the bar exam. The courses aim to prepare law students to take any bar preparation course. Presently, the courses are required for those students taking Bar Secrets®, the bar preparation program partially subsidized by TJSL.


Legal Synthesis I (LSI) (3 units)


LSI reviews the substantive law of the six core subjects tested on all states’ bar exams and on the Multistate Bar Exam (MBE). These six core subjects are: contracts, torts, property, constitutional law, evidence, criminal law and procedure. In addition to the six core subjects, LSI also includes a review of remedies. Students are provided with lectures reviewing the substantive areas and also write three essays during “labs” each week.


Legal Synthesis II (LSII) (2 units)


LSII covers the substantive law of the following non-MBE subjects tested in California and other states: business associations, community property, wills, trusts, and federal civil procedure. LSII also offers instruction on California’s performance test (PT).