Thomas Jefferson School of Law encourages its students to explore and enter a variety of legal writing competitions. Writing competitions are a great way to refine your writing skills and develop your resume. 


The links below lists different writing competitions and associated scholarships for law students. Those interested in writing a scholarly paper can review the list provided for topics and upcoming deadlines. Please contact the sponsor of the contest through the listed URL or email address for details and submission criteria.


Legal Writing Competitions


Deadline September 30, 2015 Ochoa  King Lawyers for Workplace Justice


Deadline July 31, 2015 Alex Ozols Aspiring Lawyer Scholarship

Deadline January 18, 2016 California State Bar Real Property Law Section Journal Law Student Writing Competition

Deadline August 31, 2015 The Warren E. Burger Prize

Deadline October 7, 2015 International Humanitarian Law Student Writing Competition

Applicants can submit an unlimited number of entries each month 
National Law Review Law Student Writing Competition

Deadline September 18, 2015 James E. Beckley Writing Competition

Deadline December 31, 2015 Legal Blog Post Writing Contest