Family Law Self-Help Clinic

The Family Law Self-Help Clinic provides self-represented individuals with free legal assistance. The Family Law Self-Help Clinic provides free legal assistance with family law legal issues such as marriage, divorce, and child custody. The Clinic will not assist with domestic violence issues, restraining orders or pension distributions.

The free legal assistance consists of a half-hour consultation with a licensed  attorney and a law student. They will provide limited assistance only for those who are self-represented. The clinic will not provide full or ongoing legal representation. In addition to a consultation, the Family Law Self-Help Clinic will provide assistance with completing legal forms, computer access to complete the legal forms and conduct legal research, document review before submission to the court, and additional information about how to move forward with each individual's case.

The clinic meets every other Thursday and appointment is required. To make an appointment, please call (619) 961-4371.