World Trade Organization Law & China (CH 102)


This course will review the 21 WTO Agreements and major WTO cases decided to date, using China as a case study and focus for the class. China has been accused by the U.S. and other countries of committing a number of WTO violations. Furthermore, the U.S. maintains an enormous trade deficit with China, thousands of U.S. companies have outsourced their production jobs to China, and intellectual property protection concerns continue to be a major point of contention between the U.S. and China. In addition, since joining the WTO in 2001, China has played a very significant role in the organization. Its huge market renders it an important player in the international economy in any case, but China at this point is also considered to be the unofficial leader of the developing country status in the WTO. As the majority of WTO members are developing countries, China is in a very powerful position to influence the future of the WTO. For all of these reasons, China makes an excellent case study for WTO issues. It is hoped that the class will be able to visit some manufacturing facilities in China as well as meet with U.S. consultants working in China and Chinese government officials involved in trade issues.


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