Oral Argument of Criminal Motions (SD 256)


This course provides an intensive study of oral advocacy skills used in arguing criminal motions. The key skill taught in the course is being able to distill the essence of your argument and to articulate why your side should win from the outset. We will take the motion papers from actual cases and then work on how to make an effective argument for your side. During the five days of the workshop, we will spend the bulk of the time having students make oral arguments and provide critiques. Each session will focus on one or two motions. As preparation, students will read motion papers, read the cases and whatever additional authority is necessary to understand the issues, and prepare an oral argument. Then, during the workshop every student will argue the motion(s) of the day; each argument will be followed by a critique and a discussion of how to make the argument better. This course will satisfy the Professional Skills graduation requirement for one unit.


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