Local Government Law (SD 309)


Local Government Law is concerned with the overlapping and often competing levels of government that characterize our federal system. For example, is true democracy only possible when power exercised at the local level, or does local control allow for petty tyranny? This is a question central to the law of local government, and will underlie much of the discussion in this course. Topics covered include doctrines concerning the form, sources and limits of local government power, incorporation, boundaries, annexation of communities, redevelopment, preemption of local ordinances, the administration of cities and other local government entities, governmental liability and the financing of local services through user fees, assessments and taxes. All of these questions are important for anyone planning to practice in heavily-regulated areas such as environmental and real estate law, or in any legal field where local political interests drive legal decisions. Local Government law is also a useful review of certain constitutional law principles for graduating students preparing to take the Bar exam. Note: This is NOT the law of San Diego.


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