Introduction to Mediation (SD 423)


Mediation is currently in great demand as an adjunct to the court system, as a mechanism for managing in-house corporate fissures, in labor-management discussions and in international disputes. Although usage varies dramatically depending on context, mediation at its essence is a process in which a neutral third party works to help disputing parties craft a resolution that meets their needs. This course will introduce students to one model of mediation that has attained currency within the community mediation movement. Students will learn the various stages of the process and practice the techniques used in each stage. Class will be interactive, requiring participation in in-class mock mediations and communications exercises. In addition to in-class instruction and simulations, students will attend small claims court, observe trials and mediation sessions, white short reaction papers, and, where appropriate, co-mediate with experienced mediators. This course will satisfy the Professional Skills graduation requirement for two units.


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