Law, Equality & Educational Institutions (SD 449)


This seminar critically examines how education law and policy affect the allocation of equal educational opportunity primarily within the U.S. K-12 public education context as it relates to race and ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, disability and language minority status. Topics include desegregation and single-sex education; No Child Left Behind Act accountability and high-stakes testing (for tracking, promotion, and graduation); charter schools, vouchers and school choice initiatives, bilingual education and services for immigrant children; sex discrimination; harassment based on race, sex, and sexual orientation; school-finance reform; IDEA and special education; HIV/AIDS students; and affirmative action. Readings will include legal materials, social-science research, essays and other sources from an interdisciplinary perspective drawing on critical race theory, civil rights literature, sociology and other various disciplines. Seminar assessment is based upon class participation, class presentation project and a final paper submission.


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