Intellectual Property & Information Theory (SD 455)


This seminar will use close readings of law review articles to understand the theoretical underpinnings of patent, trademark, and copyright. In addition the readings will look to information and governance theory to see how those approaches may impact law and society's understanding and management of intellectual resources. The class readings will mainly consist of one law review article a week (in full). For example, one week's reading might offer one view of copyright. The next week's reading would offer the counter view. I may pick an emerging area such as robotics or big data as a core organizing theme. If so, we will look at underlying IP areas and how they may or may not apply to the new one(s). Additional types of reading may include news articles and materials outside legal literature on emerging technology. This is a writing class. We will either write a final paper or write 2-3 position papers based on the readings. In either case, in addition to understanding the contours of this area of the law, improved analytical and persuasive writing will be a goal of the class. Those with a deep love of all things geeky and technology-related (even if they may not have a science background) are encouraged to take the class provided they have taken either copyright, trademark, or patent before this term.


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