International Trade & Developing Countries (SD 459)


This course will focus the special trade issues of developing countries. The course will review (1) various trade agreements to which developing countries have been or are parties; (2) special provisions for developing countries typically contained in trade agreements; (3) economic theories underlying trade agreements; (4) products and services of special interest to developing countries (e.g., agricultural products, textiles and clothing, call centers in India); (5) specific trade issues as they affect developing countries (e.g., intellectual property rules, subsidies, trade in cultural and information technology products); (6) issues regarding adding minimum labor, environmental, and human rights rules to the World Trade Organization rules; and (7) distributist theories of justice (e.g., theories of John Rawls, Tim Scanlon, Amartya Sen, Martha Nussbaum, Ronald Dworkin, Gerald Cohen). The grade for the course will be based on class participation (15%), a mid-term examination (15%), and a paper. This course qualifies for upper level writing credit.


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