Technology Law Externship (SD 475)


This course will seek to provide TJSL students with (a) practical experience working in-house with an entrepreneurial and technology-based company or entity working with technology based companies along with (b) applicable classroom training in the various corporate, intellectual property, finance, employment and other legal areas required for a technology-based lawyer to possess. The course requires that each student work with a company (and with a mentor lawyer therein) selected by either the student or the professor for either 5, 10 or 15 hours per week. Each student is also required to attend a 2 hour weekly seminar and to keep a journal of their experiences with their companies. At the seminar, the professor will discuss certain matters relating to the externships and will also review assigned readings from The Entrepreneurs Guide to Business Law, by Constance Bagley and Craig Dauchy. Prerequisites will be at least one technology-related course or permission of the instructor. The course is designed for students who would like to work in either the high tech, software, communications, life science, technology transfer, venture capital or other technology related areas as either in-house counsel, outside counsel, patent counsel, business development or in other capacities. This course is graded non-anonymously Honors, Credit, Low Pass, No Credit.


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