Controlled Substances (SD 492)


Controlled Substances: Crime, Regulation and Policy - This course explores the law of substance abuse and addiction. The course begins by examining the arguments for and against drug prohibition, along with possible alternatives to prohibition. With a basic understanding of the relevant policy arguments in place, attention is turned to drug crimes examining drug trafficking, manufacture, and possession offenses, as well as related sentencing laws. From there, the regulatory provisions of the federal Controlled Substances Act, which govern the classification of both legal and illegal drugs, is examined. Constitutional challenges that have been made against various drug laws are reviewed along with how drug laws have impacted the Constitution. Finally the course compares the model for dealing with drugs and drug addiction with some of the different approaches that other countries have taken. Policy questions that open the course will be discussed throughout the semester. While the course will focus primarily on illegal recreational drugs, the regulation of alcohol, tobacco and of prescription drugs will be addressed. Prerequisite: Criminal Law. Recommended: One or more of the following courses: Criminal Procedure, Administrative Law, Constitutional Law I and Constitutional Law II.


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