Mediation Ethics (SD 513)


California leads the nation in its embrace of mediation as an alternative to more formal adversary procedures. But, while mediation becomes an increasingly prominent part of the institutional landscape, foundational questions remain as to its goals and methods. This course examines the diverse array of models that go by the name of "mediation" and the ethical difficulties this heterogeneity creates. Students at the end of this course will: 1) have a strong grasp of mediation's multiple models; 2) a deep understanding of the ethical Codes guiding mediation practice at the national and state level; 3) a thorough understanding of the field's ethical "hot potatoes" and how to think about and respond to these "hot" topics. In our effort to understand what ethics entail, we will both read some of the traditional thinkers in the history of philosophy and watch clips from the T.V. show "House."


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