Internet & Social Media Law (SD 527)


This course examines cutting edge issues that arise at the intersection of social media technologies and the law. These technologies include social networks, wikis, blogs, podcasts, mashups, virtual worlds, and online video/image/audio sharing websites. Popular examples of these services include Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, and Youtube, which enable users to communicate, share and distribute content in unprecedented ways. With a particular focus on these social media services that rely heavily on user generated content (UGC), this course will provide a foundation for understanding the state of the law regarding these technologies. The areas of law that touch social media are vast, ranging from Intellectual Property, to free speech, to privacy, to contract, to many other areas of law. This course highlights the unique applications of law to social media that result from both the nature of the technologies involved, as well as from specific legal frameworks designed to treat social media and the Internet in unique ways. The course will emphasize recent and upcoming cases, unresolved questions, and scenarios students are likely to face as attorneys.


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