Peer Mediation (SD 539)


This course offers students the opportunity to apply and improve the skills they have learned in the Introduction to Mediation course. This course emphasizes the understanding and application of mediation in a secondary/high-school environment. Students will be asked to assume the role of teacher and trainer. They will receive instruction on making complex concepts accessible to teenagers and running communication exercises and mock mediations so that their essential pedagogical purposes are clear. After receiving this training, participating law students will instruct and supervise high-school students as they conduct peer mediation in their school community. To further the learning experience, participating students are expected to read all course materials and complete all assignments, including weekly journal entries detailing their work at the high school and two writing assignments (3-5 pages/8-10 pages) on assigned topics. This course is graded non-anonymously Honors, Credit, Low Pass, No Credit.


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