Consumer Advocacy Skills Seminar (SD 565)


This active, hands-on, student-led, student-focus seminar will be a venue to develop and enhance consumer advocacy skills through a series of weekly exercises and practicums that address pervasive and unique policies by government and private actors that infringe upon the rights of consumers. Students will be required to work through real and hypothetical consumer problems to develop strategic plans for effective intervention and remedy for aggrieved customers that are victims of deceptive business practices, abusive collection practices, consumer harassment, zealous overreach in consumer contracts and in customer service. Students will become familiar with consumer protection laws and are invited to look at past models and case studies where effective consumer intervention resulted in positive outcomes with a view to developing their own solutions in a variety of context including commercial credit and banking, housing, health care, education, social security, employment, recreational activities, and in services from local, state and federal entities.


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