Business & Compliance Issues in Sports (SD 566)


This course will explore business and compliance issues in sport. Every major sports entity has business and compliance issues. This course will focus on issues related to representing athletes and coaches, negotiating and enforcing contracts, league and associational structure (professional and the NCAA), and competitive balance and revenue distribution. The course will also exam the sanctioning of student-athletes, coaches and institutions at the NCAA and conference levels (infractions and compliance) and the sanctioning of professional players, coaches and teams at the professional level (through the Commissioner's Office). Racial and gender issues will also be raised, particularly with regard to revenue distribution issues at the collegiate level. There will be some examination of international issues, as well. Students will be expected to prepare a project or paper regarding (solving) a business or compliance issue in sport, at the amateur, professional or international level. For students interested in obtaining the certificate in sports law, this course may satisfy the core professional, amateur or international course requirement, depending on the paper/project chosen by a student. Prerequisite: none.


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