Patent Law Clinic Fieldwork (SD 573)


The TJSL Patent Clinic provides patent-specific legal assistance and representation to those in the community without sufficient means to hire a patent attorney to advise them. While under the supervision of a California licensed, U.S. patent attorney, participating students have the opportunity to assist clients in all aspects of transactional patent law practice. In additional to legal prerequisites, Patent Clinic students must also have a qualifying scientific or technical undergraduate degree. The Patent Clinic has two components, a classroom seminar portion and a client fieldwork portion. The fieldwork provides students with the opportunity to perform the practical legal and administrative aspects of patent practice. Participating students are required to spend up to 20 hours per week with patent clinic clients, working on the patent matters. Each five hours per week of fieldwork completed equates to one school credit hour (for a total of up to four credits per semester for the fieldwork portion of the Patent Clinic).


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