Trademark Law Clinic Fieldwork (SD 576)


The Trademark Clinic at Thomas Jefferson School of Law is part of the Small Business Law Center (SBLC) and provides trademark-specific legal assistance and representation to individuals and organizations that do not have sufficient means to hire a trademark attorney to advise them. Students will be actively supervised during each client representation by a California licensed, U.S. patent and trademark attorney. Students interested in the Patent Clinic must be eligible for certification under the State Bar of California's Practical Training for Law Students program. A student must have completed one full year at an accredited law school or passed the First Year Law Student's Exam (FYLSE). The Trademark Clinic has two components, classroom and clinical fieldwork. The clinical fieldwork portion of the course gives students the opportunity learn and practice transactional trademark matters as well as general administrative practice skills. Participating students are eligible for 1 to 5 units of clinical fieldwork. Each unit is equivalent to 5 hours per week of client work. The minimum commitment of clinical work hours per week is determined on a semester-by-semester basis.


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