Race, Gender & Torts Seminar (SD 602)


This seminar will provide students the opportunity to delve deeply into some issues they are unlikely to have touched upon in their first-year torts course. We will, in short, discuss the ways in which tort law intersect with race and gender issues in American society. This course will feature some case law reading, but more often, students enrolled in this course will read secondary source material. These materials will serve as a launching pad for a dialogue concerning ways in which to improve tort law to meet the needs of racial minorities and women and how lawyers can best serve clients within existing structures and legal regimes. Topics this course may discuss include environmental racism, racial epithets, slavery/reparations, tort reform, intentional sex torts, and more. This is a 21st century legal course that will make ample use of multimedia content (think YouTube videos, television programs, documentaries) as a pedagogical tool. For their grade, students will write one piece of scholarship. This class may satisfy the Upper Level Writing Requirement (ULWR).


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