Sports Law Externship (SD 608)


externship is acceptable for credit within the Center for Sports Law and Policy. The Director will specify the number of units (3-5) that may be earned for a given externship. Externships with non-lawyers may be approved, but the student will report directly to his or her externship supervisor and to Professor Smith. Each student is expected to report to Professor Smith and to prepare a comprehensive journal regarding work being done in the externship. That journal must include a thoughtful assessment of what the student is learning in the externship and must also include copies of projects performed. The journal and copies of the projects must be turned in to Professor Smith for his evaluaiton. During the term that the student is working as an extern, it is expected that the student will also regularly report to the Director. Students may also be expected to meet with the Director and other externs in a given term to discuss what is being learned and problems encountered in the externship.


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