Intellectual Property Practicum (SD 620)


The Center for Law and Intellectual Property will be offering a 3-week IP Representation Practicum beginning on Monday, May 19 and ending on Friday, June 6. Students will learn basic IP practice skills by working at Thomas & Jefferson, a mock law firm. Rather than traditional classes taught by professors, the students will receive assignments and feedback from partners on a series of client-centered projects. Students must log their time as they would working in a law firm, meeting certain minimum criteria to receive credit for the class. A one-half day orientation program will begin at 9AM on May 19, and lectures resembling continuing legal education programs will be held over the lunch hour each weekday, often tracking assignments on which the students are working. The course will be three credits, graded based on performance on various written assignments and participation. Eligible students must have completed Legal Writing 2 by the end of the spring 2014 semester. Priority in registration goes to IP Fellows.


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