Legal Principles (SD 633)


A student required to follow the Intensive Curriculum must take and pass, with a grade of at least 1.7, the Legal Principles course. Legal Principles is a four-unit course, graded on the first-year curve, designed to develop skills in writing, reasoning, and analysis, focusing on the fundamental skills and concepts essential to legal analysis. Students must take Legal Principles in the spring or summer semester, whichever immediately follows the semester in which the student first attempted 25 units of law study on the first-year curve. Students taking Legal Principles in the summer may take no more than one other summer semester course. That other summer semester course must be either Professional Responsibility or Criminal Procedure. In the event that there is insufficient space in either of those courses, an alternative course can be selected with the approval of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. A student required to follow the Intensive Curriculum who does not take and pass the Legal Principles course will not be eligible to graduate.


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