Incarceration & Reentry (SD 651)


This course focuses on the punishment of criminal offenders. The course divides roughly into two segments. The course first covers theories of punishment and how those theories inform penal polices past and present. We will examine the conditions of confinement typical in many of America's prisons. To do so, we will read texts penned by penal authorities and former prisoners. We explore how those conditions impact the physical and mental well being of those subjected to them. The course then turns to the issue of reentry and the reintegration of returning citizens. In this segment, we will study how incarceration experiences impact reentry. We will also study the vast world of collateral consequences and discretionary disabilities. The goal of this course is to facilitate a real-world understanding of incarceration and reentry, giving students a foundation that will make them thorough, thoughtful practitioners. Students will be evaluated based on class participation, short weekly reaction papers, and a final paper.


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