Upper Level Writing Requirement (ULWR)


The upper level writing requirement is an advanced writing project that must be completed after a student has completed Legal Writing II and before the student begins his or her final semester of law school. A student may not leave the upper level writing requirement until his or her final semester without prior approval of an Academic Counselor. To fulfill the upper level writing requirement, students must enroll in an approved course or directed study and satisfactorily complete the assignments. A list of approved courses is provided each semester with registration materials, and students can seek the assistance of an Academic Counselor to help identify a mentor for a directed study.


Satisfactory completion of the assignments in any of the approved courses will include a final written product that meets professional standards both in its substance and in its writing style; and a final product or products that are equal in length and difficulty to a high quality appellate brief or publishable note; and one of the following: at least two drafts of two or more of the writing assignments; or a series of assignments related to one substantial writing assignment, such as a sequence that includes a research plan or a research log, a detailed outline, and at least two drafts. Certain courses might be used to satisfy either the professional skills or upper-level writing requirement, but a student may not use one course to satisfy both requirements.


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