Welcome to Entrada

Located in the East Village, Entrada is a residential sanctuary for the Thomas Jefferson School of Law students in the center of urban living. It offers all the conveniences and activities of downtown, while providing a setting that can’t be found in any other apartment community. From its unconventional exterior to its lush landscaped courtyard and expansive roof top terrace, Entrada is unique to downtown living and an oasis of inspiration to its residents.

With creative floor plans and all the amenities one would expect from a modern, thoughtfully designed community, Entrada is designed to be as user-friendly as it is aesthetically enticing. Just a short walk to the brand new Thomas Jefferson School of Law campus, it is designed for the urban sophisticate who enjoys the electricity of a downtown street as much as the serenity and comfort of home. Life is about striking a balance between indulgence and utility…shouldn’t your home be, too?

Entrada • 453 13th Street • San Diego, CA • 92101