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New Law School Interior a Feast for the Eyes

Published: November 30, 2010
Library Circulation Desk

For months we have been able to see what the exterior of Thomas Jefferson School of Law’s new downtown campus looks like – now the interior is nearing completion.

The latest photos of the building at 11th and Island give you a great idea how the interior of the law school building is going to appear.

Everywhere you look you see touches of style and even whimsy. It’s a feast for the eyes.

One of the coolest features of all is the student lounge on the 5th floor. It features a wrap-around couch and retro styling almost like a 50’s diner.

There’s no furniture in the building yet, but several of the reception desks have been installed and look like you can slide a chair behind them and be open for business.

The “smart classrooms” are almost finished and will incorporate the latest technology available.

The first classes will be held on January 18 and when we all walk around and marvel at our new home we’ll probably feel like we’ve been transported to the architectural Xanadu of law schools – unlike any law school anywhere else.