The Jeffersonian - Objections to being the only law school who has no BARBRI program for students. Cal western and USD students pay only $500 for BARbri. 14,2012Objection to the cold classrooms! It's hard to pay attention when you are freezing the entire time :( 14,2012Objection to people who use the elevator to get down one floor. Please take the stairs. 14,2012Professors sending out course materials should make clear effort to send "printer friendly copy" in BLACK AND WHITE not color so as to be more efficient. 14,2012Second the objection to the LOUD talking in the library! There are plenty of places to talk readily available. No need to do it where people need to concentrate. Stop being so inconsiderate! 18,2011Objection to those people who pull the outside chairs into the study rooms, but don't put them back. Have some class, clean up after yourselves... 22,2011Objection to a large legal research class being held in the center of the fourth floor library. This class and its speakers renders the whole floor loud and inaccessible. 16,2011Objection to the back rows of 3rd floor lecture rooms that haven't had working outlets since January 2011!! 16,2011Objection to allowing tabling in the first floor lobby for everyone BUT the student organizations! 16,2011Objection to TJSL not using direct deposit for financial aid; most colleges have now enacted this faster, more efficient and cost saving move. 16,2011Objection to NO bottled water in any of the vending machines on Tuesday night. 24,2011Objection to all the leftover food in the 5th floor refrigerators that are starting to grow arms and legs. 22,2011Objection to people attempting to sell outlines in the classifieds when they scored them for free from someone else who actually did the work. 21,2011Objection to the lack of response of emails from the Administration. 18,2011I am not sure if this is ‘objectionable’ but... what is with the Padre's becoming TJSL's unofficial "school team?" 3,2011