How should a student handle an observation of cheating?

Report it immediately to the Director of Academic Administration, Kay Henley, who will then notify the faculty ethics committee.

Are there any guidelines which govern a student’s obligation to report cheating?

Allegations of ethics violations shall be reported to the Dean, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, or the Associate Dean for Student Affairs. See Student Code of Conduct IX. A. (1) Located in Appendix E of the Student Handbook

What happens if I am late for an exam?

Students arriving within the first 15 minutes after the exam has started will be allowed to take the exam. They will not be granted additional time. Students arriving more than 15 minutes late to an exam must report to the exam administrator who will consult with the professor to determine the appropriate way to proceed.

With whom do I discuss medical or family emergencies?

Director of Student Services, Lisa FerreiraDirector of Academic Administration, Kay Henley

Does ExamSoft allow you to paste outside resources to a new exam?

No. Once the computer reboots into secure mode, all other programs are blocked.

How is my exam saved or found in the event of computer failure during an exam?

The program saves an encrypted copy of the exam answer on the computer hard drive every 15 seconds. The file can be retrieved from the hard drive and sent to academics, where a special program is used to print or export the exam answer.

Can I change a class from a graded class to a pass/no pass? If so how do I do this?

No. Grading status cannot be changed for a course once it has been announced. Individual students cannot request a different grading status than announced for the course.

Who can help me on campus to search for and find internships/externships?

The Externship Office.  Please email Professor Judybeth Tropp.

How do I get involved with the Student Bar Association and Student Organizations?

Please see the “Student Groups” section and email either the President of the Organization or the Organizations email address to get involved. Student Organizations have meetings and events that you may attend to get connected. Make it a habit to check your email, the SBA Facebook Page, and the SBA and TJSL Websites to be in the know.  Please email the Student Bar Association if you have any additional questions.

Do TJSL Students keep their TJSL.edu email addresses after graduating?

Yes, but only for one year. We recommend that you hold a personal and a school email address not only after graduating, but during school as well.  IT Questions: Please email HELP.  

Where can I find information regarding student loans and loan repayment programs? 

Loan Websites:

GL Advisor (Private Consultation Group for Students):

Where can I purchase textbooks ONLINE for my TJSL courses?  

Clink this linkhttp://www.legalbooksdistributing.com/tj_law_books.asp#98

Where is Student Parking located ('Padres Parkade') and where/how do I enter the parking structure?

The entrances/exits to the Padres Parkade are located on 10th and 11th Avenues between Island Avenue and J Street.  The best entrance is located on 10th Avenue going toward J Street (make a left into the structure before you reach J Street). Please remember that both 10th and 11th Avenues are one way streets.  To gain access, use your TJSL Student ID to enter the lot by swiping your ID card across the sensor before the gate (this only works if you have purchased the semester parking pass in advance). YOU MUST PARK ON LEVELS 6-9 OR YOU WILL BE TICKETED. 

a. View other parking structures/lots in Downtown and East Village, San Diego

b. View the "Trolley Map" (San Diego Metropolitan Transportation Agency (MTA) map). 

c. Parking Information and Alternatives

How do I apply for Bar Study Loans and Grad Plus Loans if I am sitting for the July Bar Exam?  (Same rules generally apply for all Pre-During-Post Bar Exam Period Loans). 

Please download the "Informational Sheet"

Where and how can I get involved with the East Village Community?  Where can I find a listing of East Village businesses?