Financial Aid

Students may be able to apply for student loans to cover the cost of tuition and living expenses. Students must make lending arrangements through the school at which they are enrolled. It is each student’s responsibility to ensure that the appropriate paperwork has been completed.

For Thomas Jefferson School of Law students, the Office of Financial Aid contact person is Marc Berman, Director of Financial Assistance. He can be reached by phone at 619.961.4271, by email at mberman@ or by fax at 619.961.1271. Thomas Jefferson School of Law students who plan to attend and want to finance the program should apply online for their Graduate-PLUS loans. The Financial Aid Office will schedule your Graduate-PLUS disbursement to arrive approximately 10 days before the term begins, so please make sure to apply 6-8 weeks before our disbursement date to ensure that loans arrive on time. For students enrolled at a law school other than Thomas Jefferson School of Law, please complete a consortium agreement through your Financial Assistance Office. The completed consortium agreement should then be handed to your “home” school financial aid office for loan processing and faxed to Marc Berman, Director of Financial Assistance, at 619.961.1271. His office processes and completes consortium agreements, provides budget information and advises you of the dates for financial aid distribution. Apply early for financial aid. Students cannot attend the Program until tuition is paid in full.

All students should be aware of the timing of student loan disbursements. In many cases, loan funds may not be available until shortly before the program begins or, in some cases, not until after students have already departed. Therefore, it is important that students have access to some other source of funds until the loan funds become available. Students who withdraw after April 17, 2015, or who do not complete their coursework, will be held responsible for payment of tuition in full.