• Summer 2016





Listed below are the initial assignments that need to be completed prior to your first class session. Please review your schedule and complete the assignments for your assigned classes.








Professor Zanville

Before the first class, read casebook Chapter 1, Stone, Bales, & Colvin, Arbitration Law, 3d ed. (Foundation Press 2015).


Business Associations


Professor Winchester


1. Purchase the required books and also purchase a Turning Technologies ResponseCard RF device (a "clicker").    


2. Register for Business Associations - Winchester on TWEN.


3. Read the following portions in Kleinberger: 

    Pages 1-4, 7-14, 17-35, 37-52, 63-67, 97-99, 151-161, 163-167, and 169-173.  You are advised to first    

            consult Class 1 Worksheet and Class 2 Worksheet (See instruction 4 below).


4. Complete Class 1 Worksheet and Class 2 Worksheet.  Both are available on TWEN under the   

    “Worksheets” link. 



CA Pre-Trial Preparation


Professor Ramey


Register for the course on TWEN.  Download and read “Understanding the Adversarial System” before class (available in Course Materials on TWEN). 


Client Interviewing & Counseling

§213.1 & §213.2

Professor Sanzo




Read:                      Part One: Introduction to Interviewing and Counseling, pp. 2-13.  


Prepare:                A one-page statement responding to the following hypothetical situation: 


                                                Facts:  Your rich uncle dies and leaves a will naming you as one of his beneficiaries: the gift is $25,000 cash.


                                                A will contest has been filed by other relatives not mentioned in the will, and the case is set for trial in 10 months.  If the will contest is successful, you will get nothing because there is an earlier will in which you are not mentioned. 


                                                You have received a settlement offer which provides you with a net settlement (after attorneys’ fees) of $7,500.  Your lawyer has indicated that there is a good chance the will contest will be defeated and that, after trial, you may receive net proceeds in the range of $12,500 to $15,000 (after attorneys’ fees and estimated litigation costs).  Your lawyer also told you that she believes this case will proceed to trial if you do not accept this settlement proposal. 


                                                Do you accept the settlement or proceed to trial?  List the reasons for your decision.  


Community Property


Professor Klueck


Textbook:               Community Property In California, Sixth  Edition by Grace Ganz Blumberg

                        (Hereinafter referred to as CPC)

Assignment (Monday 6/6/16):

  I.  Introduction to Cal. CP                  (53-66)

 Il. Intro to Pre-Nupts & Transmutation                                                            

                                                                Dawley                    __                                             _

                                                                Noghery                 __________________________                                                   

                                                                Code & Notes (79-82) ________________________                                          

                                                                Pendelton (83-85) __________________________                                                

                                                                Bonds   (85-96)      __                                            __  


Be prepared to answer the question:          What do the deliberations of the California Constitutional Convention (p.55-58) say about the role and legal status  of women in mid-nineteenth century California/America?



Criminal Procedure


Professor Muir

Reading assignment for first class on June 7th

Required texts: Basic Criminal Procedure, 14th Edition, publisher: West by Kamisar, La Faye, Israel, King, Kerr, & Primus (*Denotes case on reserve in library)


"Incorporation" of Bill of Rights, as applied to states via 14th Amend. pp. 25-27

Early application re: forcible bodily extractions (Rochin, Schmerber) pp.27-31

(but see new case Missouri v. McNeely limiting Schmerber on all DUI's, which will be discussed later under "exigent circumstances" at page 4 of Course Outline to be provided at first class)




Right to appointed counsel (Powell", Betts, Gideon, Argersinger, Scott, Nichols, Shelton) pp. 62-66; 70-75

Right to counsel of one's choice (Gonzalez-Lopez) pp. 109-114

When right to counsel first "attaches" (Kirby) pp. 725-726; at first court appearance (Rothgery) pp. 76-80

Right to self-representation (Faretta) pp. 96-98; can mentally ill represent themselves? (Edwards) pp. 106-108

Right to "effective" assistance of counsel (Strickland, Rompilla, Cronic, Bell,) pp. 124-134; 156-159; 161-162; as applied to plea-bargains (Cooper) pp. 139-143


Citation for case on reserve in library:

Powell v. Alabama, 287 U.S. 45, 53 S.Ct. 55, 77 L.Ed. 158 (1932)


Current Issues in Health Law


Professor Morski

Read the article below:



Entertainment Law Transactions


Professor Novak

No Initial Assignment



Professor Tafreshi

Read chapters 1-5 in Learning Evidence:  From the Federal Rules to the Courtroom (Merritt), 3rd Edition, West Academic Publishing.


Externship I, II, III, and online

§697.1, §698.1, §699.1 & §642.1

Professor Tropp

No Initial Assignment

Introduction to Mediation


Professor Brown

All assignments are to be electronically submitted to mbrown@tjsl.edu. Assignment 1 is

due prior to the first day of class. Assignment 2 - Journal is due Monday, June 20, 2016.

1.First Assignment Questions (Due before the first day of class )


Choose One Written Assignment from the bullet points below:


• Essay on Movie of Choice pulling out the essential message of the movie for you and

why you think the story is useful for students of mediation (Possible Options: Crash,

Don’t Mess with the Zohan, Shrek the 3rd, Freaky Friday, The Heffalump Movie (Winnie

the Pooh), Bridge Over the River Kwai, 12 Angry Men, Gran Torino, My Sister’s Keeper,

(4 pages); OR

• Choose One Story From the Book Stories Mediators Tell and write a short essay pulling

out the essential message of the story for you and why you think the story is useful for

students of mediation. (4 pages)


2. Initial Reading Assignment (read prior to Class 1)

• The Mediator’s Handbook, read pages 3-38 (Overview, Preparation, Stage 1 & 2), pages

81-92 (Disputes & Conflicts), pages 95-100 (Supporting the People)

Judicial Seminars

§641.1 & §702.1

Professor Tropp

No Initial Assignment

Legal Principles


Professor Harkins

Enroll in the course on TWEN

Read: Open Book, Ch. 1-3

Mastering, pp. 106-114

Prepare: Complete the Class 1 Reading Sheet (available on TWEN in the “Class One” folder) after you complete the reading.  Submit it before class via the TWEN Drop Box. 

Prepare: Review your Criminal Law notes and outline and bring the information with you to class.


Legal Principles


Professor Bolus

Enroll in the course on TWEN

Read: Open Book, Ch. 1-3

Mastering, pp. 106-114

Prepare: Complete the Class 1 Reading Sheet (available on TWEN in the “Class One” folder) after you complete the reading.  Submit it before class via the TWEN Drop Box. 

Prepare: Review your Criminal Law notes and outline and bring the information with you to class.


Mediation Immersion


Professor Morris

Students should view the films "Crash" or "Up In the Air" prior to the class - be prepared to discuss at the first class meeting on June 9th and explain their relevance to mediation.


**Note: the actual first class meeting is on Saturday, June 4th - it is a three hour preparation for Small Claims Court and no preparation is needed. 


Professional Responsibility


Professor Christensen

Model rules:  1.1, 1.4, 5.5 (rules and all comments)


Casebook:  pages:  1-8; 18-29; 261-273; and 30-48.

Please check the TWEN page where the syllabus will be posted



Professor Wezelman

Read pp. 1-41and 49-75 (to note #18); 76-78; 88 (note #6)-101 (to note (b)) in Remedies (Rendleman), 8th Edition, West Academic Publishing.  

Read handout on Remedial Goals, pp. 1-2 and handout on Avoidable Consequences (Green v Smith) posted in the “Course Materials” section for this course on the Docket. 

Structuring Deals in Professional Sports


Professor McCurdy




Wednesday, June 8


Introduction, 255-56

League Decision Making, 257

Sports League Operations--Fundamental Characteristics

Fundamental Market Opportunity, 257-58

Tragedy of the Commons Phenomenon, 258-60

Uncertainty of Outcome Hypothesis, 260-63

Sports League Operations--General Structure, 263-65

Sports League Operations—Application of Antitrust Laws

Problem, 266-67

Case File, 267-76

American Needle v. NFL, 58 U.S. 183 (2010)

Deutscher Tennis Bund v. ATP Tour, Inc., 610 F.3d 820 (3d Cir. 2010)

Notes & Comments, 276-78


Thursday, June 9


Exemptions from Application of Antitrust Laws

Nonstatutory Labor Exemption, 278

The Baseball Antitrust Exemption, 278-80

Problem, 281

Case File, 281-97

Flood v. Kuhn, 407 U.S. 258 (1972)

City of San Jose v. Office of the Comm’r, 776 F.3d 686 (9th Cir. 2015)

The Curt Flood Act of 1998

Notes & Comments, 297-302


Trial Practice


Professor Siegel

      Administration, Case Analysis and Brainstorming case theme and theory


READ:                     Dixon v. Providential Life Insurance

Bergman, Chapters 1, 2, and 3

Problem 3.9, Policeman on Surveillance – ATTACHED TO SYLLABUS AS APPENDIX C


All prepare case analysis for both prosecution and defense in the attached problem 3.9.  Develop suggested themes and theories for each side.


There will be a lecture on Opening Statements


Veterans Legal Assistance Clinic


Professor Berenson

Sign up for this course on TWEN


 Read David Chavkin, Clinical Legal Education, Chapters 1-3, pp. 1-24; Clinic Primer (available on TWEN); VLAC Policies (available on TWEN).