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Admissions Criteria

Thomas Jefferson School of Law seeks to admit a diverse class of qualified students. We are looking for students who, through their personal, intellectual or professional background and experience, will contribute to the rich tapestry of our law school community. The admissions process is holistic, meaning our goal is to evaluate many factors of an applicant’s file before reaching a decision. 

All applicants are reviewed carefully to determine whether they have the ability to successfully complete the law school’s program of legal education. Where applicable, numerical factors considered include the applicant’s score on the entrance exam – the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), the applicant’s Undergraduate Grade Point Average (UGPA), the applicant’s Graduate Grade Point Average (GGPA), and Law School Grade Point Average (LGPA). Additional factors that are considered during the review process include, but are not limited to, writing skills; leadership and maturity as evidenced by work and service experience; letters of recommendation; rigor of prior educational programs; assessments made during applicant interviews; statements of overcoming adversity; previous law study, including whether an applicant was previously disqualified from law school; and ethical or criminal violations.  

The Admissions Committee reviews applications as they become complete on a continuous basis and communicates decisions as early as possible. An applicant may accept an offer of admission by submitting the required non-refundable deposit, which is credited toward tuition. The Law School adheres to a policy of operating free of improper harassment and discrimination and encourages applications from traditionally underrepresented groups. For a complete summary of the law school’s policies, please see the Student Handbook.

JD Program Eligibility 

To be eligible for admission, all applicants to the residential or online JD program must have earned an associate’s degree or higher from an accredited institution by their first day of classes at TJSL. Applicants must submit an LSAT or GRE score.  All students must provide an official copy of their degree-granting transcript within 45 days of the start of their first term at the Law School. 

Online JD Students Only: 

Must certify California residency by the first day of school. Per federal regulations, students who require a F-1 Visa are not eligible for enrollment in the Online JD program.