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The Law School welcomes applications from students with prior law school attendance at law schools accredited by the Committee of Bar Examiners for the State Bar of California (CBE) or the American Bar Association (ABA). The Law School welcomes applications from students who have attended unaccredited law schools, but cannot award credit toward graduation for units earned at an unaccredited school.  All applicants must have at least an associate’s degree and current LSAT or GRE score.  Passing the First-Year Law Students’ Examination is not required to apply.

Application Process

TJSL admits students in the Spring and Fall terms each year. The deadline to submit an application accompanied by the required documents for each term is listed below. Incomplete applications and applications received after the term deadline may not be reviewed by the Admissions Committee.

To request credit for prior attendance in a JD program, students must so indicate on their application and provide an addendum explaining why they should receive credit for their prior work. If admitted, a non-refundable seat deposit is required to enroll.

Dates & Deadlines

Spring Term
Application Open: June 1
Deadline: December 15
Term Begins: First Week In January

Fall Application Open: October 1
Fall Deadline: May 15
Term Begins: Classes begin First Week In June

Fall Term
Fall Application Open: October 1
Fall Deadline: July 15
Term Begins: First Week In August

Apply Now

Ready to get started? Complete your application now. There is no application fee to apply.

Application Checklist

  1. Application Form (If requesting credit from prior attendance in a JD program, also provide an addendum explaining why credit should be granted.)
  2. Statement of Interest
  3. Resume / CV
  4. Official transcript from your current law school and all prior law schools, colleges and educational institutions attended
  5. Interview

Credit Allowed for Prior Law School Attendance

In accordance with the California Business and Professions Code and the regulations of the State Bar of California, to be eligible for consideration for credit, the applicant must have (A) earned the credits no more than 36 calendar months prior to the anticipated date of enrollment at the Law School and (B) received a grade at the “good standing” level or higher from the originating law school. Please note that these are minimum requirements. In general, the law school will consider granting credit for prior study only if the student earned a grade at the 2.7/B- level or above on a standard 4.0 grading scale with at least a B- mean or the equivalent on the originating law school’s grading scale. 

The number of credits an applicant may receive for a particular course is limited to the number of units for which the applicant had sufficient classroom hours per the CBE standards, even if the originating law school awarded more units for that course. 

The Law School will not accept credits earned at the originating school for externships or clinics. 

Applicants may receive a maximum of forty (40) credits if they are in good standing at the originating institution and thirty (30) units if they are not in good standing at the originating institution.  The Law School does not have a transfer or articulation agreement with any other college or university.