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Hear What Our Students & Alumni Have To Say About Their Experience At TJSL

“I transferred to Thomas Jefferson School of Law (“TJSL”) in my 3L year, so I had the benefit of contrasting my TJSL experience with another law school.  And I found TJSL to be exceptional for various reasons.   

First, the legal instruction at TJSL is outstanding and well prepares the students for the practice of law. As a practicing first-year lawyer, I rely on the instruction and mentoring I received in my TJSL courses (such as my Trial Practice class) which has provided me with knowledge and skills to successfully serve my clients as a litigator.  

Second, TJSL had two classes that provided incredible instruction on how to take the bar exam. These classes were Bar Exam Fundamentals and MBE Mastery. Although a fundamental reason that I passed the bar on my first attempt was due to my personal commitment and discipline as a student while in law school, without the exceptional instruction on how to take the bar exam at TJSL, I do not believe I would have been successful.  All the first-time bar takers from my prior law school who took the bar exam with me failed, and 20 of the 21 repeat takers also failed. I believe if they also transferred to TJSL in their 3L year like I did, many of them would have passed the bar exam on their first try like I did. 

Third, the people at TJSL are supportive and kind.  Even as a graduate, if I called on them for support or mentorship, they would help me in my professional development. TJSL has a wonderful faculty, staff, and administration and I feel fortunate to have received my legal education through this outstanding school.”

Stephen Cochrane, Alumnus 2023, Point Loma Nazarene University, BA & MA in Special Education, Capella University, PhD in Education. San Diego, CA.

“Thomas Jefferson School of Law gave me the opportunity to study law at night and maintain my career during the day. The professors not only taught me what I needed to pass the bar on the first attempt, but also demonstrated that they cared about my success even well after law school. I will forever be TJSL’s biggest cheerleader, as I credit my legal career to them.”Thomas Jefferson School of Law gave me the opportunity to study law at night and maintain my career during the day. The professors not only taught me what I needed to pass the bar on the first attempt, but also demonstrated that they cared about my success even well after law school. I will forever be TJSL’s biggest cheerleader, as I credit my legal career to them.”

Renee Stackhouse, Alumnus ‘08 – San Diego Superior Court Judge
Park University – Cornell University

“When I attended Thomas Jefferson School of Law, I was met with an environment that challenged me to be my best. The professors were leaders in their field, whose teaching nurtured my love of the law and made me excited to practice law as an attorney. The career services counselors were invaluable in helping me prepare for the legal career I wanted.”

Yahairah Aristy, Alumnus ‘04 – Deputy Public Defender & TJSL Adjunct Professor
Marist College and Roosevelt University

“TJSL is still one of a handful of law schools that has given a chance to many students that would have not otherwise had an opportunity to attend law school, and excel in the practice of law. My law degree helped me build a successful law practice focusing on emerging issues while helping people day-in and day-out.”

Ikechukwu Emejuru, Alumnus ‘09 – Employment, Commercial, Civil Rights, and Consumer Litigation
Virginia Commonwealth University

“I was the first person in my family to go to law school and Thomas Jefferson School of Law gave me an opportunity. I absolutely loved everything at this school! The professors were incredibly educated and talented and I am forever grateful to the school for the opportunity and education it provided me.”

Omid Rejali, Alumnus ‘12, Personal Injury – Trial Work

“The beauty of TJSL is that every student gets out of their experience exactly what they put in. I learned from brilliant professors that helped prepare me for the Bar Exam and the actual practice of law. TJSL is committed to every student’s success, and the alumni base is full of mentors looking to help current students reach their goals!”

Christopher Reilly, Alumnus ‘19, Labor & Employment
University of Maryland

“I’m passionate about being an advocate for people who need my help. Law school is a blessing because it has equipped me with the tools necessary to fight for people’s rights and liberties against any and all injustice. My dreams are turning into my realities, and this is my turn to create change in our legal system.”

Scherelle Simpson, Alumnus ‘22
Photo of Black woman with a large smile, long hair that curls at the ends, and wearing a pink and white sweater.

“I have always wanted to be a lawyer. I chose to pursue my degree so that I could work in the field that I love. As a young woman from New Orleans, LA who has faced many obstacles growing up, TJSL has been a part of my dream coming true.”

Kratina Griffith, Alumnus ‘22

“Thomas Jefferson School of Law provides an excellent legal education from nationally recognized faculty members that really care about the students. The classrooms are state of the art in a top-notch building, in the heart of the downtown San Diego legal community. I have friends that practice law, have become professors, run businesses or gone into politics. A law degree from Thomas Jefferson School of Law provides so many opportunities!”

Randy Grossman, Alumnus ‘94, Criminal Defense/Sports Representation
San Diego, San Diego State University

“Thomas Jefferson School of Law provided an excellent opportunity to grow and meet amazing colleagues and professors. The law school is a training ground for leadership, entrepreneurship, and legal skills. Institutional leaders encouraged a platform for success by clearing the pathway of roadblocks that might normally exist at larger universities.”

Jeremy Evans, Alumnus ‘11, Entertainment, Media, Sports
Los Angeles, University of California, Los Angeles

“The law field is forever changing and with that change must come new stories, new voices and most importantly new leaders. I chose Thomas Jefferson because it is on the forefront of that change.”

Tino Lungu,
Brooklyn, NY; West Texas A&M University

“I chose to go to Thomas Jefferson because I was looking for a law school where the faculty and staff cared about my success not only as a law student, but also as a person. I found that here and it has helped me grow in many areas of my life. The tight-knit community has helped the challenges of law school be much more bearable. The small class sizes make it easy to interact with my professors and fellow students. There is a true sense of community at Thomas Jefferson and you can see that by the way students interact with each other and by the way faculty care about students.”

Michael Mateo,
San Diego, CA; Grand Canyon University
Photo of Black woman with shoulder length curly hair in an olive green turtleneck sweater.

“Attending Thomas Jefferson School of Law is one of the best decisions I’ve made for my career. As a registered nurse, I’ve always been passionate about advocating for others. My goal is to bridge the gap between the healthcare field and the law by being a catalyst for equity and prevention of injury in healthcare.I am grateful for TJSL’s guidance and unwavering pursuit to provide exceptional attorneys to our legal community.”

Kelli Lam,
Palm Springs, CA; Marian University Indianapolis
Photo of a Middle Eastern woman with long curly hair wearing a Thomas Jefferson School of Law t-shirt with a navy blazer over it.

“TJSL has some of the best professors in the San Diego region. The professors are not only there for you in class but will also make time to help students outside of class and to guide students through the difficulties one faces in law school. Knowing that there are professors who will go above and beyond to help academically, professionally, and personally made a long lasting impact on me and I am forever grateful. TJSL students learn from the best and we are being prepared to take on any difficulties we may face as future attorneys.”

Parisa Shafajoo
Sacramento, CA; CSU Sacramento

“Prior to going to law school, I worked as a carpenter. I chose to pursue a career as an attorney because above all else, I knew that I wanted to serve my community. I chose TJSL because of their exceptional outreach, their willingness to support me throughout law school and because San Diego has a great legal community. The current San Diego Public Defender is an alumnus of TJSL and experience clerking at SDPD’s Office was outstanding!”

Michael Ramirez,
Galt, CA; CSU Sacramento

“I was at a point in my life when I had given up on applying to law school and that is when Thomas Jefferson sent a letter to my home and invited me to apply. I had never been to San Diego before, but I applied anyway and was accepted within a couple of months. My partner and I packed all the belongings we could fit in our small car and headed to California. I haven’t looked back since. Choosing to attend TJSL was the best decision for me!”

Jackson Whitby,
Dallas, TX; Texas A&M University-Commerce
Photo of a Hispanic woman with long hair that curls at the ends wearing a white shell with a navy blazer on top.

“Thomas Jefferson School of Law exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Not only are students taught substantive legal material by knowledgeable and outstanding professors, we are also encouraged and assisted in searching for legal internship opportunities within our area of legal interest. I had the opportunity to intern for the Public Defender’s Office and my experience “in the field” while also learning the fundamentals of the law was something I thoroughly enjoyed.”

Sarai Suarez,
Boston, MA; UMass Boston
Photo of a Black man with a closed mouth smile wearing a grey and white checked button up shirt.

“I wanted to go to law school since I was in college in the mid 1990s, but because of work and other endeavors, I never got a chance to apply to law school back then. I always saw the law as a great influencer and change agent. Law has the ability to change how people live and conduct themselves. I wanted to pursue a career that allowed me to be a part of that change.”

Shone Session,
Chula Vista, CA; San Jose State University

“I chose to attend TJSL because of the location and the class sizes. The new campus is located in the center of downtown and is a short walk away from the major courthouses in the city, which is great for access to internships and networking opportunities for students.The small class sizes allows you to really get to know your classmates and form those important friendships while also having direct access to your professors – they really take the time to engage with you and make sure that you fully understand the material.”

Andrea Adams,
Virginia Beach, VA; Jacksonville University

“I’ve always been passionate about fighting for the voiceless — for those people who’ve never been able to trust leaders in the criminal justice system. I hope to use my degree to support and advocate for anyone who feels underrepresented.”

Nicolas Bojorquez,
Orange County, CA; Brigham Young University

“I always knew I wanted to be a lawyer; I strongly believed that it was one of the best ways to be of service to others. I was a Girl Scout in elementary school and that experience sparked my love for my community, peers, friends, and the world. This evolved into my going to bi-monthly city council meetings when I was in high school to volunteering in the student advisory board in Brea, CA alongside a few of my peers. Now, as a student at TJSL, I’m earning the skills necessary to better serve my community.”

Deeva Ladva, Student
Brea, CA; CSU Fullerton

“As a full-time first responder and a part-time law student, I am extremely grateful for the flexibility provided by TJSL. All of the faculty and support staff have been more than supportive and are all success oriented for their students.”

Matt Smith, Student
San Diego, CA; San Diego State University

“I began meeting judges and attorneys within the San Diego area during my second week of school. I had the opportunity to volunteer at our school-hosted Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) competition and watch students from other prestige law schools argue great scenarios against our own TJSL students.  Through mentorships, organization meetings and guest speakers, there will be miles of opportunities for you to emphasize your success to not only get you set up, but also to plug you into opportunities. The faculty and staff’s constant willingness to help your journey is invaluable.”

Jordan Collinsworth, Student
Bend, OR; Weber State University, B.S.

“I chose to attend TJSL for its excellent location and because I wanted the experience of a smaller campus.  TJSL has provided me unique opportunities to establish personal relationships with professors who have helped me gain insight into my future legal career. TJSL’s special focus on bar passage through its Academic Success and Bar Preparation department has given me outstanding study skills, furthering my confidence that with the right amount of hard work, I will be a practicing attorney only months after receiving my J.D.”

Edward Burak, Student
Arlington Heights, IL; University of Colorado – Boulder, B.A.

“I was looking for a school that was close to home, here in San Diego.  While working at an employment law firm, I started to research law schools.  TJSL appeared to be a great option based on reviews from the attorneys that worked at the firm. My choice has been proven right over and over again thanks to the amazing students, faculty and staff.  My law school career has been better than expected!”

Fatima Askerova, Student
San Diego, CA; California State University – Fullerton, B.A.

“Thank you for the wonderful and interesting classes and the support shown to me from my first day at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. I am very grateful for the opportunity to have learned at this school. The entire staff is very friendly, positive, and amazing, and I hope to see everyone again soon. Thanks again very much.”

Tamta Tsintsadze,

“For me it is an honor to be part of the TJSL community, now as an alumna. I have learned much more than I could have imagined when I started 2 years ago. What a wonderful opportunity!”

Daniela Benes Hirschfield,

“As a European student this dive into the American law universe is extremely rewarding. Unlike other LLM programs that can separate LLM students from other US students, Thomas Jefferson School of Law allows you to participate in all classes alongside other students at the law school. If you like the challenge and the work does not scare you, this experience can only be beneficial for you.”

Stephane Huhuet,

“I am extremely impressed with the quality of the LL.M. program at TJSL. The faculty and staff are truly interested in the success of their students and are very approachable. The Professors are not only highly knowledgeable in their respective legal field, but also have excellent pedagogic skills, which makes a huge difference on the learning curve. Being able to study in an astonishing facility, with state-of-the-art classrooms, amongst American students, at the amazing city of San Diego makes this experience unique and very enjoyable. Highly recommendable to any lawyer looking to understand and deepen their knowledge of the interesting American Legal System.”

Luiz Mattos,

“My professors really gave me a lot of their time and made an incredible effort to make my classes understandable. They made me feel comfortable with my language in class, even though English is not my first language.”

Linnet Mariscal,

“What I like most at Thomas Jefferson School of Law is the highly professional and challenging atmosphere. From the very beginning I received the guidance on everything I needed: from the application process to course selection, and work load. Then, as an LLM student, I had the chance to learn from the best. Remarkable scholars and highly respected practitioners, the professors were very demanding, still willing to help me gain a deep understanding of the various aspects of the American Legal System. Every week the school hosts conferences and networking events, providing students with every resource needed to become competitive practitioners in the U.S or abroad. Last but not least, Thomas Jefferson School of Law really embraces diversity, thus studying together with students of different nationalities and coming from various backgrounds was a truly enriching experience.”

Luciana Simion,

“This experience was the best one I ever had! Being able to learn about the American legal system while being surrounded by Americans from different states and learning the differences and similarities between them was very interesting. The faculty, the professors, and the many resources available made this experience even more enjoyable by showing that they are always here to help you anytime you need. I would definitely encourage anyone who is hesitating to take the plunge and use this amazing opportunity to travel, meet new people, and learn about another legal system.”

Mariam Kada,

“Immersing myself in the LLM program has been the most challenging experience of my life, and my first time to the USA. It truly was a great opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge through the teaching of such great professors. The professors of Thomas Jefferson School of Law are committed to their students and their success. Also, I had the chance to study alongside an incredibly diverse student body that comes from very different backgrounds. The most valuable of this experience was acquiring a practical understanding of the American legal system and learning a great amount of English legal vocabulary.”

Marion Piazza,

“I had a great experience being an LLM student at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Highly qualified professors. contemporary, well equipped classrooms, great library – all the resources were there for me. The most valuable part, however, was that I had an opportunity to study with American students, rather than taking special classes for foreigners. That experience accelerated my studies, and my professors helped me prepare for real life and real work, build confidence, and subsequently to get my job.”

Sofia Malysheva,

“Participating in the Veterans Legal Assistance Clinic under the guidance of Professor Nicole D’Ambrogi was the highlight of my legal education. Under her supervision, the clinic functioned as a bona fide law firm providing the interns with hands-on legal experience. I gained practical skills I use every day in running my law firm, such as conducting client interviews, drafting pleadings, and advocating for my clients in court.”

Stephanie S. Germani, Esq., LL.M.
Attorney and Author

“The Patent Program at Thomas Jefferson School of Law provided me with invaluable experience working with clients, drafting patent applications, and handling filings on EFS Web. This experience set me apart from other young professionals in the field of Intellectual Property law and allowed me to hit the ground running at my first job without having to go through the typical learning curve that most new hires face.”

Hollie Kucera,
Student in the Patent Clinic,
Electrical Engineer

“The non-profit clinic gave me a remarkable opportunity to work closely with and learn from a licensed tax attorney. Working in the clinic has provided insight into what to expect when working in a law firm atmosphere and using law firm systems. From tracking billable hours, managing client files, and communicating with government agencies, these real-world experiences prepared me to excel in my internships and set me up for lawyering success. Most valuably, through my experience in the clinic, I discovered the area of law I want to practice after I graduate.”

Daylen Siseroz, Alumnus ’23