Graduate Programs

Thomas Jefferson School of Law offers a wide variety of graduate law programs designed to enable both lawyers and non-lawyers to expand their knowledge of legal principles relating to their area of specialization and hone their practice skills.


Students can study (1) in-residence at the school's award winning San Diego campus (student housing is available) or (2) exclusively on-line from anywhere in the world.


Program specializations include:


  • American Law for Foreign Lawyers (must spend at least one semester in residence)
  • Taxation (Online Programs)
  • Financial Services and Wealth Management (Online Programs)
  • Compliance & Risk Management (Online Programs)
  • Maximum Flexibility: All programs can be completed within one year, but students may progress more slowly if they choose.
  • Students may take individual classes without committing to a degree program.
  • Foreign lawyers completing the degree in American Law may be eligible to take the bar exam in California, New York, or the District of Columbia.
  • Foreign lawyers may also apply to the school's JD program and earn a degree in as little as two academic years entitling the recipient to take the bar exam in any state.


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Private student loans are available to help defray the cost of attending the Graduate Programs. For questions: please call the Financial Aid Office at 619.961.4271 or send an email to