Student Budget

The 2013/2014 JD student budget is used to calculate financial aid. It assumes a modest lifestyle for a single person in San Diego, based on average expenses experienced by TJSL students during the last several years.


If you plan to graduate after the Fall 2013 semester or begin your program with the Spring 2014 semester, you will receive a budget for one-semester only during the 2013/2014 academic year.


Download the 2013/2014 Student Budget




JD Degree Program

Flat Rate Calculation

  Fall 2013 and Spring 2014

(9 months) 

Full-Time Part-Time
Tuition   $44,000 $33,000
Books and Supplies   $1,200 $1,000
Living Allowance (2)                


$1,400/month $12,600 $12,600


$350/month $3,150 $3,150
Transportation (3) $350/month $3,150 $3,150
Miscellaneous (Incl loan fees) (4) $400/month $3,600 $3,600
Total Cost of Attendance   $67,700 $56,500
Laptop Computer Purchase (New Students Only)   $1,200 $1,200
(1) Health/Parking Fee (discretionary fees based on usage)   $3,272 $3,272
Maximum Student Budget   $72,172 $60,972



The Cost of Attendance represents the average amount believed to be adequate to cover the tuition, fees, books and living expenses of most students for the 9-month academic year. This figure also represents the maximum total financial aid package a law student can expect to receive per year. As a private institution, TJSL students pay the same tuition rate regardless of their state residency. In addition, rates for tuition and fees are set annually and are subject to change.


Your actual expenses may differ from those listed here. In some cases you may have lower expenses in one category which can compensate for higher expenses in another area. We are limited in our ability to approve budget increases. While it may be possible to request a budget increase for certain expenses such as child care costs, disability related expenses, etc,. It will not be possible to obtain a budget increase to cover such expenses as credit card and other consumer debt payments, car payments, etc.


Notes to Student Budget


1. Fees:


Health Fee, $2552 per academic year. Students are able to opt-out of paying this fee if they already have health insurance.


Parking Fee, $80/month or $720 for 9 months. This is not a mandatory charge. Public transportation options are available.


2. Students who are living with parents or relatives have a Room and Board budget of $5,000 per 9-month academic year. Monthly Utilities include: $50 gas/electric, $50 trash/sewer/water, $100 tv/internet/phone


3. Monthly Transportation budget covers the average costs of operation ($120), maintenance ($80), insurance ($100) and a round-trip flight ($450) home during the Christmas Break when school is not in session.


4. Monthly Miscellaneous budget includes: $150 entertainment, $50 clothing/dry cleaning/laundry. Federal Loan Fees are included in this section, and assumes student is awarded Federal Graduate PLUS and Stafford loans. Maximum loan fees authorized in the standard budget are $1800 per academic year ($200/month).


Budget Adjustments


For students with families, the budget may be adjusted for health insurance and living expenses. The budget may also be adjusted for unusual expenses, such as medical, dental, dependent care, and moving expenses associated with your relocation to San Diego. To apply for a budget adjustment download and complete the Budget Petition Form and submit it to the Financial Aid Office.


Laptop Computer Purchase


All TJSL students are required to own a laptop computer. The standard student budget includes an allowance to help students who need to borrow funds to purchase a laptop or upgrade existing equipment to meet the required specifications. To help you with the purchase of your laptop, TJSL has established a laptop purchase program with Dell.