Federal Stafford Loans


Federal Stafford Loans are low interest loans available to eligible students to assist them with costs related to their education. These loans are made by the federal government and are known as “Direct Stafford Loans”. The annual maximum Stafford loan for law students is $20,500. The current interest rate for this loan is fixed at 6.21%. Repayment begins six months after the borrower graduates, leaves school or drops to less than half-time enrollment. Since the entire Stafford loan is unsubsidized, interest accrual begins once the loan is disbursed.


To apply for a Federal Stafford loan, complete the Stafford loan request form or come in to the Financial Aid Office for more information.


Federal Graduate PLUS Loans


Graduate and professional students may borrow a Graduate PLUS Loan in addition to the Stafford loan to help pay for living expenses. A credit check is required and performed by the federal government. You must be enrolled at least half-time, be a US Citizen, US National, or Permanent Resident, and pass the government’s credit check to be approved for the loan. The interest rate is fixed at 7.21% and the loan is deferred while enrolled in law school. Your income and credit score will not affect your eligibility. The maximum amount is calculated to be the total cost of attendance minus any other financial aid. To apply for the Grad Plus loan, go to


Federal Perkins Loan


The Federal Perkins Loan is a low-interest loan awarded to students with exceptional financial need. Generally, awards range from $3,000 to $6,000. The interest rate is fixed at 5%. Repayment begins nine months after the borrower ceases at least half-time enrollment. This loan is only awarded to a handful of students each year, usually to those who are not approved for a Graduate PLUS loan. A written statement, documenting your “exceptional need” will be required and should be submitted to the financial aid office for review.