Students seeking to transfer from another law school must:

  1. Apply online through LSAC
  2. Register with or reactivate the CAS reporting through the LSAC
  3. Submit law school transcripts
  4. Submit a letter of good standing from your current law school

In order to be considered for admission as a transfer student at Thomas Jefferson, you must submit an official copy of your law school transcript, as well as a letter of good standing. Both documents should be obtained from your current law school and submitted directly to our admissions office by mail. In order to expedite the review of your application, please work with your current law school to receive the proper documents.


Please note that our Transfer of Credit Policy generally allows for the transfer of credits for classes in which a student has received a 2.7 on a 4.0 scale (typically B-) or better. The determination for credit transferability is made by the Director of Academic Administration and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs only after a student is granted admission. The credit transferability determination generally takes 3-4 weeks after a student receives an offer of admission. In no case will a student be permitted to transfer more than 44 units of credit.


We consider students from CBA and ABA accredited law schools. However, with respect to California accredited schools and other non-ABA accredited schools, in no case will a student be permitted to transfer more than one-third of the total credit hours required by TJSL for graduation (approx. 30 units). We will consider students for transfer after completion of one full semester at another law school.


In order to determine the transferability of course credits, we will need to review the syllabi for the courses for which you are seeking transfer units. To help expedite the evaluation process, candidates should send these documents by email or mail to our admissions office.