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12 Angry Men
(1957), b/w, 95 min.
Sidney Lumet
Henry Fonda, Martin Balsam, Ed Begley
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PN1997 .T74 2001

When a Puerto Rican teenager is accused of murdering his father, it falls to the only juror who is not entirely convinced of his guilt to persuade the other jurors to re-evaluate the evidence.

12 Monkeys
(1995), color, 130 min.
Terry Gilliam
Bruce Willis, Madeleine Stowe, Brad Pitt
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PN1997 .T839 1998

A convict is sent back in time from the year 2035 to investigate a deadly virus that wiped out most of the human population in the late 20th Century.

4 Chosen DVD
(2008), color, 48 min.
Jon Doscher
Danny Reyes, Jarmaine Grant, Rayshawn Brown, Keshon Moore.
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PN1995.9.D6 F68 2008

Four young minority basketball players from New York City are traveling to North Carolina for a college basketball showcase, when they are racially profiled by two NJ State Troopers and then shot 13 times. The 4CHOSEN must struggle to overcome their injuries, adversity, and controversy.

The Accused
(1988), color, 110 min.
Jonathan Kaplan
Jodie Foster, Kellie McGillis
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PN1995.9.R27 A33 2002

A woman is gang-raped in a bar, but when the rapists are acquitted she convinces her lawyer to prosecute the patrons who urged the rapists on.

Adam's Rib
(1949), b/w, 100 min.
George Cukor
Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, Judy Holliday
In Collection
PN1997 .A332 2000

A husband-wife team of lawyers spur through their roles on an opposite sides of a case involving a woman who shoots her husband for infidelity.