Muslim Law Student Association

  • Vision

The purpose of the Muslim Student Association is to promote the advancement of Muslim students, and the student body at large, at the Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

  • Mission Statement

To provide a forum for the discussion and advancement of all Muslims in legal education; to seek effective solutions and empowerment for all Muslim law students; and to address societal and legal impact on Muslims.

  • Purpose

· Host Panels on subjects pertinent to Islam and issues that relate to the Muslim community in America in order to expose, educate, foster tolerance, and awareness in Thomas Jefferson and the community at large.

· Provide members and the student body at large with networking opportunities to facilitate relationships between students and professionals in the community in order to advance mentorship opportunities.

· Actively participate in and organize community service events.

· Establish a legal assistance clinic to address the needs of the Muslim community and other communities in San Diego.