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Downtown Campus Comes to Life

Published: September 24, 2010
New Building
Latest Exterior

From Renderings to Reality!

The artist's renderings of the new Thomas Jefferson School of Law Downtown Campus are coming to life.

The latest exterior photo of the building looks exactly like the rendering we've been seeing for the past two-plus years.  And the fourth floor library circulation desk has been installed under the flying saucer lighting fixture above it so that it looks almost like the drawing.

Also in the library, the first carpeting in the new building is being laid down.  The stately and magificent Moot Court room is in the process of having its elegant wood paneling installed.

From now until the law school begins occupying the campus in December, the work will involve finishing touches such as painting, carpeting, fixtures and furniture. 

The first classes will be held in January 2011 -  which is really beginning to sound close!