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Anatomy of a DUI Case

Published: October 13, 2010
DUI Seminar
Glenn Cole Casey '96

By Martin Stratte 2L

Thomas Jefferson School of Law students got the opportunity to learn the how-to’s of DUI representation from practicing attorneys at a seminar on Tuesday, October 12. Victor Barr, San Diego Deputy District Attorney, and Glenn Cole Casey, TJSL ’96 and a premiere DUI defense attorney, provided perspectives from both the prosecution and defense sides of DUI representation caalled "Anatomy of a DUI Case".

This seminar, moderated by Professor Anders Kaye and presented by Associate Dean Jeff Joseph, the San Diego County Bar Association, and the TJSL Criminal Law Society, aimed to help students “bridge the gap” between what TJSL students learn in class and the practice of law.

Dean Joseph and Professor Kaye explained the need for such seminars, since many students learn the rules and procedural aspects of the law in the classroom, but never see or understand how it is applied in the practice. The plan is to hold similar events in the future, a sentiment that is shared by the TJSL student body and demonstrated by the large crowd that filled the room! Seminar attendees expressed thanks to all of the speakers and guests who help make this event a great success.