Published: August 15, 2011 share

What a great way to get to know your new neighbors!


TJSL students who have just moved-in to Entrada, the 172 unit student housing complex just a block from TJSL attended a rooftop barbeque on Thursday, August 11, to mix and mingle not just with each other, but with faculty, staff and administrators, too.


As the unique chevron-shaped roof of the law school loomed, the students surveyed their new surroundings and the spectacular “view from the top.”


“This is beautiful,“ 1L Emily Gardiner of Virginia Beach, Virginia said of the view. “It’s so close to school – it’s so close to Starbucks.”


“I like being so close to the law school,” said 2L Lesley Wideman, a San Diego County native.


“It’s kind of like a dorm, “according to 2L Ronald Lin. “You can roll out of bed and into the classroom.”


“It’s close to the law school,” incoming 1L and North Carolina native Jason Sheffield added. “But I think I’m going to spend more time in the library than up here on the roof.”


The event was organized by 2L Lance Henry, an Entrada resident himself. “We want the new class to feel welcome and comfortable,” he said of the gathering, which included students who have been living at Entrada for the past year as well as the new students.


“It’s a good opportunity,” 1L Brianna Gayler said. “It really helps people who just moved here to meet people.”


“Yes, it’s great,” said 1L Caytie Boucher of Big Bear. “I’ve lived here since July and I haven’t gotten to know anyone yet.”


The students feasted on fresh-off-the-grill hamburgers, hot dogs and other goodies, as they got to know each other, as well as Dean Rudy Hasl, Associate Dean Beth Kransberger and quite a few other staff members.


TJSL took over the master lease of Entrada last year to provide student housing and make the law school even more competitive in attracting students.


Caytie Boucher summed it up in three words: “I’m diggin’ it.”