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Admitted Students Welcomed in Weekend Open House

Published: March 26, 2012
Admitted Students
Admitted Students in the Moot Courtroom

Every prospective student has a story.  For those who attended Thomas Jefferson School of Law’s Admitted Students Open House the weekend of March 24, their stories all converged on TJSL to find out whether this is where they want to go to law school.

“You need to make sure this is the right place for you,” Dean Hasl told a group of the admitted students. “You should spend some time with us and learn the spirit of TJSL.”

“As soon as I walked in the door I could feel it,” said Kelly Duffy, who graduated from Colorado State University. Duffy has definitely committed to TJSL. “I’m going here,” she said. “It’s a friendly atmosphere.”  Duffy’s father, who’s an attorney himself, accompanied her and thinks “this is the most progressive law school in the nation.”

More stories?

Kimberly Coulter graduated from U Penn in 1998, taught school for years, and is raising three children.  “This school is wonderful,” Coulter said. She is interested in Children’s Advocacy as a legal specialty.

Betsy Rosales-Muñoz graduated from Cal State Northridge and while she was there she took a business law course and fell in love with it. She will be entering TJSL in the fall.  “TJ is very welcoming,” she said.

Lynet Shigg echoed Rosales-Muñoz about TJSL being welcoming. “I love interacting with the faculty and staff and they’ve given me open, honest answers,” she said.

A.J. Eckhart is retiring from his30-year career as a nuclear engineer at San Onofre and coming to TJSL as a full time student.  He says he “could not be more excited” about being a student at TJSL and embarking on a new career as an attorney. “I feel like I’m 20 all over again,” he said.

The appeal of TJSL for Christopher Gurchiek, an Indiana University graduate, is the Intellectual Property law program.  He has been accepted into the IP Fellowship program and though he’s undecided, he feels San Diego would be a great place to study entertainment law with its proximity to Los Angeles.

Sam Kossack is still undecided, but leaning toward TJSL. “The key factor is the way everyone from TJSL reaches out. I haven’t gotten that from any other law school. The feeling of being wanted is awesome!”

“We want to make it easy for you to talk to us,” said Associate Dean for Student Affairs Beth Kransberger, speaking to the admitted students on Saturday morning. “And our faculty mirrors you. We have one of the most diverse faculties in the nation.”

Dean Hasl told the group that TJSL will not just give you a legal education, but “we will engage you, and become part of your life. We will make you into an effective attorney.”