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Admitted Students Visit TJSL for Open House

Published: May 07, 2012
Admitted Students Open House

“This is an opportunity to kick the tires - so kick them hard,” Dean Rudy Hasl said to a group of 90 students who were visiting TJSL for an admitted students open house on Saturday. “You need to see if the chemistry at TJSL is right for you.”

“It feels right for me,” said Stacie Brown, a UNLV graduate who will be entering TJSL in the fall. “I’ve talked to students who say it’s a great school.”

Fifty-percent of the students who attended the open house have already committed to TJSL and many others say they are leaning heavily toward attending the law school.

Artemisa Zamora-Loera, who is working as a paralegal in the Los Angeles area, has decided to attend TJSL because, “I love the enthusiasm of the teachers and law students here.”

Jacqulyn Lewis is one of the undecided students, but she enjoyed her visit to TJSL and says she really enjoyed meeting with current students at the law school.

Marie Maloney of Ft. Worth, Texas, who will be part of the fall 2012 entering class, said she likes TJSL “better than any law school I visited. Every other school gives you a number. Here, they know your name.”  Indeed, the accessibility of faculty members to their students is one of the most important aspects of the culture at TJSL.

Another important part of TJSL’s culture is diversity, which Associate Dean Beth Kransberger demonstrated by standing shoulder to shoulder with the members of her Admissions, Career Services, Student Services and Financial Services team, which is a rainbow of diversity.

“We present you with a buffet,” said Dean Kransberger, “so you can find someone you can connect with.”

Dean Hasl told the students that the education they will receive at TJSL will train them to be effective 20 years into the future and beyond.

“It will position you to deal with an ever-changing set of problems. You’ll be able to deal with the problems and challenges of the 20’s and 30’s. “

“You will be a different person when you complete law school,” Dean Hasl added. “You will have a whole new set of skills. And the transformation that happens is a marvelous experience.”

This past weekend’s event was the second open house for new admitees that TJSL has hosted this spring.