Published: May 23, 2012 share

The results of the February California bar exam were released over the weekend. The Thomas Jefferson School of Law had 55 1st time takers, of whom 33 passed, for a 1st time passing rate of 60 percent. This compares with the California ABA 1st time taker rate of 62 percent and the Non-California ABA 1st time taker  rate of 48 percent. Of the 1st time takers, 25 were participants in the Bar Secrets program, of whom 16 passed, for a passing percentage of 64 percent. Of the remaining 30 1st time takers, 17 passed, for a passing percentage of 57 percent. I offer my congratulations to the successful bar candidates and look forward to continued success by the school’s graduates.

I will update you soon about the success rate for graduates who sat for the bar exam in other states. That number continues to exceed the California bar rates.