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TJSL is a Polling Place on Election Day

Published: June 05, 2012

“This is the most convenient polling place I’ve ever been to,” said John Fink, who lives right across the street from TJSL and who got to vote in the lobby of the law school on Election Day, June 5.

Part of the TJSL lobby was turned into a polling place for East Village residents, complete with poll workers and election booths.

One of the voters, George Oliver said his neighbors down the street told him “how convenient it is to go here to vote. It really is convenient.”“

It’s wide open and well-lit,” added Fink.

Offering the law school as a polling place is exactly the kind of activity TJSL envisioned when it decided to relocate to the East Village and be a neighborhood resource.

“It reinforces the importance of our presence in the East Village,” said TJSL’s Dean Rudy Hasl. “We are happy to accommodate our neighbors in this important civic duty.”