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TJSL Hosts Prospective Students Event

Published: June 11, 2012
Admitted Students
Associate Dean Beth Kransberger Welcomes the Admitted Students

Thomas Jefferson School of Law welcomed another group of admitted students to the campus on Friday, June 8 for a special presentation and reception.

All have been accepted to TJSL for the fall 2012 semester. Some have decided to attend TJSL, and some are undecided. But the event gave the undecided students a chance to “kick the tires,” and get to know some of the faculty and administration.

“Your job is to find the right fit for you,” TJSL’s Associate Dean for Student Affairs Beth Kransberger told the group. “Don’t ignore your instincts – trust them. But the whole trick of this is – we like you and we want you.”

“Congratulations on being here,” said Dean Rudy Hasl. “The atmosphere we’ve created here is very, very special. You have to see if this program is someplace you can thrive.”

Ashley Moffett has already decided she can thrive at TJSL, after majoring in psychology at Tuskegee University. The Oceanside native says “It’s a good fit. I was drawn to TJSL because of the family atmosphere I saw when exploring the website.”

Rafick Isshgolian, who completed his undergraduate work at CSU Northridge,  is undecided but he really enjoyed being on campus and says that “the plain, straight talk I heard from the professors sets you (TJSL) apart from all other law schools,” after listening to a panel of professors during the presentation. “They show an ability to relate to the students.”

Gabrielle Pedrone, another Northridge graduate, was also impressed with the faculty members she met. “The faculty gave out a good vibe,” she said.

T.J. Filicia majored in philosophy at St. John’s in New York, and was also impressed by the professors with whom he spoke. “The faculty is great and it’s really nice here,” he said.  Filicia’s father, Jim is a 1986 TJSL graduate, who practices personal injury and medical malpractice law.

“We have an extraordinarily diverse student body,” Dean Hasl told the prospective students. “We have a range of perspectives that come directly from people’s lives and it shapes the discussion on campus on how the law will affect our lives.”

Judging by the diversity of the three groups of admitted students that have visited TJSL over the last several weeks, the fall 2012 incoming class will add to the tradition of diversity that is the law school’s commitment.