Published: June 18, 2013 share

Recent TJSL graduate James Hassey is concentrating on his current bar prep studies but says he is extremely excited about his post-bar future.

“While interning at The Law Office of G. Cole Casey (TJSL '96 alumnus) some pretty great things happened to me, even before taking the CA Bar exam.”

Hassey explains that during his internship with the Casey firm, on two separate occasions he worked with two other local attorneys/firms. At the end of Hassey's internship with Mr. Casey, he not only received an offer for a post-bar position with the G. Cole Casey firm, but has received offers from those two other attorneys/firms as well. 

Hassey says, although he appreciates being offered amazing positions by the other firms, “I'm choosing to accept the generous offer from The Law Offices of G. Cole Casey.”

Last semester (Fall '12), with the help of Professor Judybeth Tropp and the intern/externship department Hassey obtained his internship with Cole Casey's firm. “I would like to thank Professor Tropp for helping me to land this position.”

Hassey says “I think that it is good for current students to know that jobs are out there if the student creates value for themselves.”

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